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第一部分  选择题(65分)



(   )1. The boy makes up his mindto catch up with his classmates.

A. makes funB. makes a promise    C. makes a decision D. minds

(   )2. —Do you often hear fromyour pen friends abroad?    —Of course. About once a month.

A. get a letter fromB. receive gifts from

C. borrow money from  D. makes phone calls with

(   )3. I’m afraid of going home on my ownin the evening.

A. alongB. aloneC. lonely           D. together

(   )4. Tom has passed the final exam in 2012. He feels on top of the world.    

A. happily B. happy C. happiness D. exciting          

(   )5. If you are free at the moment, please make your bed on your own.

A. right nowB. just right C. right away D. all right



(   )6. —Who is that man over there?

—Do you mean _____ tall man who has _____ umbrellain his hand?

A. a; an     B. a; a         C. the; an          D. the; a

(   )7. —Our teacher tells us that we will have a ______ holiday next week.

—Really? _____ good news!

A. four-day; What B. four-day; How C. four days; What  D. four days; How

(   )8. —______ I finish the work now?    —No, you _____. You can finish it tomorrow.

A. May; mustn’t B. Must; needn’tC. Can; mustn’tD. May; shouldn’t

(   )9. —There is going to ____ an important meeting tomorrow. Please try _____ late.

—OK! I won’t.

A. have; not to be  B. have; not be  C. be; don’t beD. be; not to be

(   )10. He was ill, so he couldn’t walk as _____ as you. He walked _____ than any of us.

A. fast; slowest   B. faster; lower   C. fast; more slowlyD. fastest; slow

(   )11. The dish smells ______, but I’m not ______ enough to enjoy it.

A. good; well     B. well; good      C. delicious; good   D. well; fine

(   )12. —I have worked as a taxi driver ______ over ten years.

—What do you usually do to make yourself ______?

A. since; relaxedB. since; relaxing   C. for; relaxed    D. for; relaxing

(   )13. —How do you like the soup?

—Yes, it is ______tasty that everyone enjoys it. It is very kind ______ you to offer us such a wonderful dinner.

A. so; for      B. so; of          C. such; for      D. too; of

(   )14. —Can you tell me some countries ________ a long history?

—Of course. There are a lot of countries, ________ China, India and so on.

A. have; such asB. have; for exampleC. with; such asD. with; for example

(   )15. —I’m not sure which restaurant ____.    —Why don’t we try Big Papa?I know ____get there.

A. to eat in; how can we             B. to eat; how we can

C. to eat in; how to                D. to eat; how to

(   )16. —I’m sorry to tell you ____ the light in the classroom is still on.   —Oh, I forgot____it off.

A. if; to turn B. that; turning   C. whether; turningD. that; to turn

(   )17. —We have lost our way in the city, ______ we?    —I think so. Let’s stop _____ the way.

A. didn’t; askingB. didn’t; to ask   C. haven’t; asking   D. haven’t; to ask

(   )18. —You may fail the exam _____ you study harder.

—I know. My plan is _______ these exercises in three days.

A. if; finish      B. unless; finish      C. if; to finish     D. unless; to finish

(   )19. —Let’s go out and play football in the garden, ________?

—But I’m afraid that they won’t let us ______ there.

A. will you; play   B. shall we; play  C. will you; to play   D. shall we; to play

(   )20. —Do you think if he _______ to play basketball with us tomorrow?

—I think he will come if he _____ free.

A. will come; is  B. will come; will be C. comes, is      D. comes; will be



    Marc sat next to mewhen we were in Hill Junior School. He had a serious  21  in communicating with people. One always had to guess what he was saying.   22  , most of my classmates did not like to be with him because his hands and shirts were always   23  . I tried to let him know the importance of being clean by   24  him several times a day to wash his hands. But he just could not understand.

   One day, our teacher Miss West walked up to Marc.   25  saying anything, she took Marc to the washroom. Slowly, Miss West washed his   26  and told him that he should keep himself clean. She did that every day for one month.   27  , Marc understood.

   Miss West’s love has given me a good example to follow when I   28  my job. I always remember to teach my students by showing them the right   29  to do things. And most important of all, I always remember to give them   30  to learn and to grow up.

(   )21. A. question      B. problem        C. accident       D. hobby

(   )22. A. Instead         B. However       C. Besides        D. Except

(   )23. A. dirty           B. clean          C. new          D. old

(   )24. A. talking       B. saying         C. speaking       D. telling

(   )25. A. With           B. Without        C. After         D. Above

(   )26. A. face         B. feet            C. shirts         D. hands

(   )27. A. At last         B. At first         C. Such as       D. So far

(   )28. A. did           B. am doing        C. have done     D. am going to do

(   )29. A. ways          B.answers         C. time          D. food

(   )30. A. more advice    B. less advice     C. more time     D. less time




As Chinese, we are very proud of such three extremely popular basketball players as Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian and Lin Shuhao in the NBA .
    Yao Ming, born in Shanghai in 1980, is a retired (退休的) Chinese professional basketball player. In 2011, Yao announced he would end his career in NBA because of his injuries. NBA commissioner (总裁) David Stern said Yao had a wonderful talent and a sense of humor.

Yi Jianlian , born in Shenzhen, is seven years younger than Yao Ming. Yi is now the only basketball player with Chinese nationality in the NBA. He is left-handed and has been widely regarded as China’s most promising basketball player since Yao.

Unlike Yao and Yi, Lin Shuhao was born in America in 1988 and now he has American nationality. He is 191 centimeters tall. During his stay in Harvard University, he was not only an excellent basketball player but also did very well in his studies. He is the first Chinese-American player in the NBA. Many Chinese fans choose to support him, but he still has a lot of work to do before he’s a proven NBA star.

(   )31. How many basketball players with Chinese nationality are mentioned above ?

A. OneB. TwoC. ThreeD. Four

(   )32. Why did Yao Ming leave the NBA?

A. Because he didn’t make enough money in the NBA.

B. Because he wanted to look after his parents in Shanghai.

C. Because of his injuries.D. Because he didn’t like his teammates.

(   )33. Who is the first Chinese-American player in the NBA and who was born in Guangdong?

A. Yao Ming, Lin Shuhao      B. Lin Shuhao, Yao Ming   

C. Yi Jianlian, Yao Ming       D. Lin Shuhao, Yi Jianlian

(   )34. Which of the following is Right ?

A. Lin Shuhao is the shortest and youngest one of the three.

B. Yao Ming is still playing for the NBA.

C. David thinks Yao Ming is not a good basketball player.  D. Yi Jianlian is a right-handed.

(   )35. What is the passage mainly about?

A. Yao Ming has retired.

B. During Lin Shuhao’s stay in the university, he was not only an excellent basketball player but also did very well in his studies.

C. Three extremely popular basketball players in the NBA.

D. Yi Jianlian is China’s most promising basketball player.


A blind schoolgirl who can speak four languages has become the interpreter at European Parliament (欧盟议会).

Alexia Sloane lost her sight when she was two years old after she was diagnosed (诊断) with a brain tumor(肿瘤)while on holiday in France. At the age of 10, the little girl has excelled atlanguages and she is already fluent in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin, and is learning German. Now she has fulfilled her dream of working as an interpreter. “There is usually a minimum age requirement of 14 just to enter the European Parliament so for Alexia to interpret there at the age of 10 was amazing,”said Mum Isabelle. “She has always been very good at languages and shown an interest from a very young age,”added Isabelle, who also has a four-year-old daughter Melissa.

Alexia has dreamed of becoming an interpreter since she was six and chose to go to the European Parliament as her prize when she won the Young Achiever Community Award of the Year.

“It was fantastic and I’m absolutely determined now to become an interpreter,”said Alexia. “Nothing can stop me.”

(   )36. Which of the following is NOT true about Alexia Sloane?

A. Alexia Sloane’s dream has come true.

B. Alexia Sloane showed great interest in languages.

C. Alexia Sloane’s younger sister is 5 years old now.

D. Alexia Sloane is a girl with a strong will.

(   )37. What does “excelled at”in the second paragraph mean?

A. 突出,擅长于B. 喜欢C. 热衷D. 投身于

(   )38. What has Alexia dreamed of since she was six years old?

        A. Alexia has dreamed of becoming a famous writer.

B. Alexia has dreamed of becoming an interpreter.

C. Alexia has dreamed of coming to China to teach English.

D. Alexia has dreamed of becoming a reporter.


(   )39. What language is the girl learning now?

A. Spanish.  B. Chinese. C. French. D. German.

(   )40. What does the writer want to tell us?

A. God helps those who help themselves.   B. Good health is over wealth.

C. Heaven never helps the man who will not act  D. If winter comes, can spring be far behind?


What is your favorite color? Do you like yellow, orange, or red? If you do, you must be an active person who enjoys life. Do you like blue? Then you are probably quiet, shy, and would rather follow than lead.

  Colors do influence our moods (情绪). A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one; and a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day. On the other hand, black is depressing(令人压抑的). There was a black bridge over the Thames River, near London. The number of people who killed themselves on that bridge used to be larger than on any other bridge in the area —until it was repainted green.

Light and bright colors make people not only happier but also more active. In the factory, the workers will work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black.

(   )41. An active person may like ________. 

A. yellow, orange, or red          B. yellow, black, or red

C. orange, blue, or black         D. black, red, or orange

(   )42. Most people feel more ________ in a yellow room than in a dark green one.

A. tiredB. boredC. worriedD. relaxed

(   )43. More people killed themselves on the black bridge than on any other bridge probably because


A. the bridge was very tall              B. the bridge was too crowded

C. people didn't like the bridge           D. the colorof the bridge was depressing

(   )44. In the factory, when the machines are painted orange, the workers will work ________.

A. worse         B. harder        C. more slowly      D. more angrily

(   )45. Which could be the best title for the passage?

A. Cheerful ColorsB. Your Favorite Color

C. The Secret of ColorD. The Color of a Bridge








(   )46. If you want to eat some seafood, you can go to ________.

A. Willie Mae's                       B. Natasha's Kitchen


(   )47. You can call ________ if you want to have a taste of Southern home cooking.

A. 540-302-9717B. 504-525-2951C. 504-410-9997D. 504-822-9503

(   )48. You can eat some ________ food in EIFFEL SOCIETY.

A. Indian    B. Russian    C. Chinese       D. Japanese

(   )49. The latest business hour lasts until ________ among the four restaurants.

A. 2 a.m.     B. 3 a.m.       C. 3 p.m.         D. l0:30 p.m.

(   )50. You can have ________ choices if you want to have dinner at 6 p.m.on Saturday Evening

A. one      B. two        C. three         D. four


Time Temp Glasses

Are you a person who wants to know the time and temperature during the day? You might like Temp Glasses. These special glasses show the time above your right eye and the temperature your left eye. It is surely easier than wearing a wristwatch, and you never have toguess the time and temperature.

Alarm Fork

Do you eat too quickly? Do you eat too much? How can the Alarm Fork help you? Aren't you is curious? Well, this special fork has two lights: one green and one red. When the green is on, it's OK to eat a piece of food. The fork "knows" when you eat a piece, and soon the red goes on. Wait for the green light before you eat another piece.

Smell This

How do you know if your breath smells nice, or if it smells bad? It's difficult to know, because it’s very hard to smell the air that comes out of your own mouth. Smell This is useful for this ion. Smell This covers your nose and your mouth. Docs your breath smell nice, or do you need a piece of gum(口香糖)?

Banana Suitcase(手提箱)

Has this ever happened to you? You put a banana in your bag lunch in the morning, and when pen the bag at noon, the banana looks like someone drove a car over it. If you put your banana Banana Suitcase, this will never happen. It keeps a banana safe, delicious, and looking like a m!

(   )51. The writer thinks that the four inventions are      .

A. dangerous  B. useless     C. unusual    D. expensive

(   )52. A person who wants to lose weight may be interested in      .

A. Time Temp GlassesB. Alarm Fork    C. Smell This D. Banana Suitcase

(   )53. Which invention is most helpful for someone waiting for a train?

A. Time Temp Glasses. B. Alarm I ink.    C. Smell This. D. Banana Suitcase.

(   )54. If you want to know how your breath is?you may buy      .

A. Time Temp GlassesB. Alarm ForkC. Smell This D. Banana Suitcase

(   )55. Who might use the Banana Suitcase?

A. A person who eats bananas only at home.

B. Someone who needs to throw away a banana.

C. A person who has little interest in eating bananas.

D. Someone who loves bananas and brings lunch to school every day.


A.  remember   B. forget    C. trouble    D. if   E. problem      F. telling    G. because

A: Tina, you look worried. What happened?

B: I have some (56) _______in learning English.

A: Don’t worry. I can help you. What’s your (57) _______?

B: I can’t always (58) _______ new words.

A: You can make pictures in your mind when you memorize words.

B: What kind of picture is best?

A: It’s best (59) _______the picture is silly, strange and colorful.

B: Thank you for (60) _______ me so much. I will have a try.


A. Can/ May I take a message for you?

B.I don’t think that you are right.

C.Why do you want to do it?

D.Thank you very much

E.Maybe you can buy another mobile phone.

F.We will worry about you.

G.Are you readyfor it?

John: Uncle Smith, this is John speaking. I’m sorry to call up so late, but may I speak to Jim?

Smith: Jim is out. (61) _______

John: OK, please. Jim and I applied for an adventure tour competition on the Internet a week ago. Today I was told that we were accepted.

Smith: Oh, that must be dangerous.(62) _______

John: Because we want to do sports and something exciting.

Smith: You’d better not.(63) _______

John: Uncle Smith, don’t worry. We can take good care of ourselves.

Smith: (64) _______

John: Yes. We are ready for it.

Smith: Good luck.

John: (65) _______

Smith: OK. I’ll tell him to call you back later.

第二部分  非选择题(20分)



66. Can you tell me how _______________(get) to the hospital?

67. Takethe _____________(two) turning on the left.

68. Go______________(cross) the road.

69. Would you like_______________(visit) your grandmother?

70. I like going______________(shop) on Sundays.

71. Heis the ______________(own) a restaurant in his hometown.

72. I’d like________________(go) to the movie tomorrow.

73. Thank you for____________(help) me.

74. I want_______________(know) the way to the station.

75. One of the students ___________(come) from Shanghai.


假如你们学校正在开展研究性学习(exploring learning strategies),请你根据下表提供的信息,写一篇短文,让更多的学生了解你们学校开展研究性学习的一些情况。

注意:1. 短文应包括表格提示的所有内容,可适当发挥;

          2. 词数:80词左右。














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